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Monday, October 17, 2011

Preview 33

SUNSPRITE doubled.  That's all this pattern is.  Still I like to have a write-up with the numbers handy--no thinking, just sewing.

It takes 1/2 yd each of 6 fabrics or 2 identical packs of 6 fat quarters.  From the halves, it is simply one whole strip set each, instead of a half strip set of each.  Same amount of thinking, just a little more sewing. 

Without borders it is 54"x 60".  This is a good size to cover an adult body on a sofa, but you could go bigger yet with borders. 

Our cover girl is Kaufman's La Scala.  We have done it in their Imperial Collection and Artisan Batiks. 

Like SUNSPRITE, at first glance this looks a little complicated to follow the numbers.  But then the light bulb goes on, and you see how easy it really is.  No crazy long strips, no laying it all out.

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