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Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Off = 2 Quilts

Took the day off yesterday--no orders to fill, no quilting for hire, no starting the car, nobody home but me.  With that kind of time--I made 2 new RoseCard models, start to finish--cutting to binding.  They are that easy.

First, a little INTRIGUE with Amy Butler's Cameo.  Love all of her new patterns and color.  It is more than a bit busy, but I like busy.  And I admit, that if I had not wanted to stay true to the pattern to make it a good model, I would have added some white solid lattice. Kits are ready.

Quilt 2 is Tula Pink's The Birds & the Bees in GOLD MEDAL.  There are so many luscious colorways in this collection, it was almost hard to choose.  I went for one that worked with the pattern and allowed me to use 6 different prints for the Fat Quarter strips.  And I thought the optical stripes would make great squares--and it did.  The Lazy Stripes design is solid enough to make a good contrast punch, but it cut up interestingly enough to give a little different taste in each square.
The kit is listed on our website now.
In piecing, I placed the fabrics in the same order as the cover quilt, so I did not have to lay it all out and pick it up.  It was like doing a code puzzle.
Even though it is not gold, I just might have to sub this model on the next printing.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


On our last little detour to Texas, on the way home from Minnesota, I was able to stop at Block by Block in Carthage MO.  We followed Amy's instructions on her highway billboards--"Scream till your husband stops the car!".  Amy has been a fan since my first season, especially with OPENING NIGHT, which she called her 4 hour $40 quilt.  I got to meet some of her sewers getting things done in the cool classroom.  And see more of the RoseCards made up...always a thrill for me. 

I loved this cheery CLOUD NINE. 


LILLIAN is a must-do in batiks.  In fact, I must re-do the cover in batiks.  I knew my cover quilt, much as I love it, would be too busy to show off LILLIAN's style.  But I was in a hurry to publish, and knew I would replace the cover quilt--someday, if not sooner. 

Idena's quilt top here shows LILLIAN at her best in Hoffman's Bali Pops.