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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Preview 64

Got Fat Quarters?  We have quilts to make.  This has the look of long bricks or wallpaper strips.  We use the maximum length of the Fat Quarter to create this linear style.  Strips are cut parallel to the selvage so the prints are always right side up.   The brick pieces are staggered a half step, so no seams to match. 

SPICE DROP uses 14 Fat Quarters of some favorite fabrics and an extra 5/8 yd for binding.  The quilt finishes 54"x 72".

When top was finished it just screamed curtain.  I can see maybe adding one more brick in length and a few more rows in width.  It would make a great shower curtain or sliding glass door drape.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Preview 63

Here's a little strippy alternative to the jelly roll race quilt.  Simply sew strips together for the main body.  Then make a quick little 8 Patch for the row of squares.  In our version of the jelly roll racer, you have control over the placement of the strips.

This quilt took just the one pack of 40 2 1/2" strips--in this case Hoffman Bali Brown Sugar.  I picked out 8 "solids", 4 each color, for the rows of squares.  I was totally pleased with the effect of the solid squares.  I can also see choosing fabrics for a 4-Patch checkerboard effect, or some kind of gradation. 

It finishes 46" x 64".  You could make it a tad wider if you max out what is left from the strip sets of Stripes after you cut off the 2 10" pieces for the outside rows. 

Additional fabric is just 1/2 yard for binding, though you could certainly add borders to make it bigger.