Where to Buy RoseCards

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Easy Read

Another reason to love working from RoseCards.  While I sewed my new Meadowsweet Opening Night, I propped the card on the spare thread holder.  Just about the right distance for the bifocals.
 There are a lot of cute noteholders out there too, that should sit very nicely on a sewing table. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Poppy Freedom

It's quilted and bound.  This aqua colorway of the Poppy Collection by Laura Gunn.  There are 8 pieces in this collection, so the fat quarter bundle worked out perfectly.  6 Fat Quarters are used for the quilt top.  The last 2 Fat Quarters were the 2 colors of the Peking Dot--great for piecing the binding.  So if you have 8 Fat Quarter bundles, you have a complete kit for this pattern!

When I was choosing the pairs for this quilt, I did not follow my usual plan of dividing the 6 fabrics into 2 sets of three.  Instead, I just paired up any way I pleased.  With only 6 fabrics total, it is very hard to keep like fabrics out of the same row.  So I think I will go back to the 3 set plan.  Each set of 3 can be scrambled exactly 3 ways.  And the blocks made from each of the 2 sets can be alternated, so like fabrics don't end up in a row.  Make sense?--probably not till you do it. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Angel Face Owls

Our Angel Face pattern actually began as Marguerite's Frame Up many years ago.  Our friend Marguerite shared it with us, and it has made the rounds in Thursday clubs, Friday night sews, Friday night Merced College classes, and a basic handout pattern anytime we need a theme print design.

For the Angel Face RoseCard, I wanted to write it up for the 3 One Yard bundles.  It finished 38"x50", with 12 blocks, and used only the three one yard pieces.

Marguerite's is a 20 block quilt and usually had borders, to make it a very generous throw.  The next RoseCard version will be written up for 20 blocks.

Here is a preview.  Dorothy had this wonderful owl batik, and I thought it might work.  It did.  She had the perfect subtle contrast fabrics to go with it.  She decided not to border it.  It looks good, and still finishes a nice size--about 50"x63".

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rainbows End

This design comes from one we have done for years that I had called the Autograph Quilt.  I had originally done it in 3 1/2" strips, usually with a muslin center.  The center could be used to sign on, hence the name.  It also looks great with a theme print there.

I usually did it in 12 fabrics so the A and B blocks could be different.  One 3 1/2" strip each made 12 A blocks and 12 B blocks, and created a very random look.

My friend Debi did this pattern using 4" strips when she was doing a batch of quilts for a nursing home.  This size also uses the fabric efficiently, looks great, and was perfect for a 20 block quilt.  Looking at the 6 Fat Quarter packs that I do, I thought this would be a perfect size for using the pack.  Add a background or theme, and maybe a border.

The RoseCard cover shows the quilt with the border.  This picture is a quilt I made without the border.
It's from a cute fabric pack called Party in Pink, by Henry Glass, that I picked up at A Sewing Basket in Salado TX.

This pattern is another good one for your community service quilts.  Twelve different 4" strips will make the 20 block quilt and use up some scraps. Or of course, like the Rosecard, use 6 Fat Quarters or regular quarter yards.   It makes up a great baby/lap size without a border.   And it makes a nice size larger throw with border.