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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preview 44

A fun little set of spinners to span a great theme print.  It takes just 6 Fat Quarters--4 for the Spinners and 2 for Backgrounds.   One yard of the theme is largely left whole to show off the print.  There is enough left from the Spinner fat quarters to make the pieced squares borders.

For this quilt I liked the 2 odd sizes of Theme strips--they are cut 8" and 23".  It gave a more playful feel and gave me more whole elephants.  I couldn't fit the notes on the pattern, but if you like symmetry better, you could cut 2 15" strips instead.  It also looks good with 4 strips cut 8".  In that case, you would have Theme strips top and bottom of the quilt, as well as in between the pieced rows.  It all might depend on the size of your Theme.

Preview 43

Love our little 6 Fat Quarter Quilts.  They show off a group of fabric and make great gifts.  Our GOLD MEDAL here cuts long strips down the 18" length of the fat quarter, so your prints are always right side up, never sideways.  The quilt top finishes 42"x 52" for a baby/lap size and could easily be bordered for a throw size.

There a many options for the Contrast Squares.  With an additional 3/4 yd, they can be all one fabric, nice and bold.  Or they can be 3 fabrics, cut from 3 fat quarters.  Those 3 can be scattered randomly through the quilt, or grouped in sections as in the cover photo.  Or they can be scrappy/blended if you use  27  5" Charm Squares.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Preview 42

Again, does this look familiar?  It's GYPSY--medallion-style.  Instead of the big Four Patch in the middle, it is a Feature fabric, framed--Center Stage, you could say.  And then we keep going with more rounds to make a throw 54"x63".  You could add a border to make it even bigger.

SHOW BIZ uses 13 Fat Quarters or 38  10" squares--or even 20 Fat Sixths or 20 5" strips.  One yard will do the Frame around the Center and Binding.  The center can be anything that you can cut or build to 15 1/2"--for this quilt, I used another Fat Quarter.  I am itching to use a vintage piece in the middle.  The frame does not have to be cut as the pattern states--you can use any piece or any size, so long as it ends up 18 1/2" before you start laying the bricks around it.  The Bulloch Hall Quilt Guild in Roswell GA used GYPSY for a community service sewing project day.  They shared photos with me--one quilter used 4 orphan Fan blocks for the center--fabulous.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Preview 41

Does this one look a little familiar?  How about CLOUD NINE done in strips.  It worked out perfectly to sub the 4 1/2" and 6 1/2" cuts for strips.  The same fun zig-zag pattern emerges with just one simple block.  Add a little pieced border on top and bottom--fun and done.

This 54"x 72" quilt takes 39  2 1/2" strips.  Any of your Jelly Rolls, Bali-Pops, Tonga Strips, etc will work.  Add one yard background and 5/8 binding.