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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fun with RJR

RJR Fabrics is launching their new pre-cuts, and we get to play with them! For starters we have 3 projects using Pixie Strips--40  2 1/2" Strips.




Friday, July 12, 2013

Brilliant FOLKLORE

Some quilt picks just work better than others and this is one is brilliant, quite literally.  This gorgeous Tonga Batik group features fabric printed with 4 medallions.  Hoffman is also introducing medallions that they call Bali Tiles.  Hoffman's will feature several colors in each of the 3 packages, all to coordinate with one of their Gen 6 Bali's. 

I have more of the Tonga and Bali's to play with.  From the current collection of RoseCards, I can see ANGEL FACE or  WILD THING.  INTRIGUE is the same block as FOLKLORE here, so it would work.  Four squares in the center of a little GYPSY could work.  Use it for the 9 1/2" squares in OPENING NIGHT.  Cutting into half square triangles like TOWER BRIDGE opens some possibilities.  Do I really need to sleep tonight?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Watercolor Bali's

Finishing up some of the quilts from Hoffman's 1895 Watercolor Pre-cuts.  So we have a little show and tell here.

First is THE LADY that Dorothy made up in Breakers.  We used a soft Bali print for the background and got a nice ocean wave look here.

The pretty pinks and purples look like they are made for a little girl.  So I made up BLUEBERRY HILL without a border.

Then there was the Taffy Bali Crackers 10" squares.  I made the triangles for TOWER BRIDGE, thinking it would make a nice grassy garden.  It was a little too boring, so punted--and scored.  I took a pack of Kool-Aid Bali Snaps 5" squares.  I added them to the corners of the dark side of the blocks, magic corners as we call them, stitching on the diagonal.  And now I have a garden in bloom--and a new pattern to come!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

More from Grandma Pam

Just a quick little BUSY BEE--another from the donated Moda fabric.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Charming Bali Snaps

So glad Hoffman added to their pre-cuts with 5" squares!  I have had all of the collections to play with since they were introduced.

Here are some things current and some things future.  I am having a blast with the newest Gen 6 collection that I have the privilege to play with.  Before I get done, I will have models of all of the Bali Snaps, Crackers and Pops in all the colorways--Seaholly, Pacific, Splash, River Rock, Tidepool and Volcano.  They are due out in the fall--better get yours ordered!

Rum Raisin from Gen 5 is here first.  Grandma Pam just had to play with this one from our newest releases: GALAXY.  For the background, she chose 508-Breakers.  This lovely light blue gray allows all of fabrics from Rum Raisin to show off.

Hoffman has added collections of their hand-dyed Style 1895 to their precuts.  I have been trying them alone--and with other fabrics.  I had to see how they played with prints.  The Caramel collection has a leather-like look, so I put it together with cowboy prints in LA FRANCE.  I used two different prints instead of just the one Border fabric--love the effect.

 Now on to the future, I have done GALAXY, too.  This is the Volcano group, with 319-Snake for the background.  I added a 5" Border from the group and it finished up a nice throw size.

Another future group here is River Rock that I made up into NIGHT LIGHT.  The Four Patches are made from 401-Tortilla and 508-Breakers.  I wanted subtle colors so they would not overpower the soft River Rock fabrics.

Much, much more to come.  Back to the machine....

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Grandma Pam's Traditional Collection

Grandma Pam Howland is a master of the traditional look, along with her glorious use of Kaffe Fassett color.

Here we share some of her latest for Community Service--a chance to work with some donated fabrics and work out of her stash.

FOLKLORE here was done with Moda fabric donated to Jessica's Friends of Annie project. 

RAINBOWS END started with a theme fabric, then coordinated with the yummy plums and peaches.

MARDI GRAS is a stash 2 1/2" strip quilt, with a little background and border added.  So rich and so different from our playful brights.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Preview 64

Got Fat Quarters?  We have quilts to make.  This has the look of long bricks or wallpaper strips.  We use the maximum length of the Fat Quarter to create this linear style.  Strips are cut parallel to the selvage so the prints are always right side up.   The brick pieces are staggered a half step, so no seams to match. 

SPICE DROP uses 14 Fat Quarters of some favorite fabrics and an extra 5/8 yd for binding.  The quilt finishes 54"x 72".

When top was finished it just screamed curtain.  I can see maybe adding one more brick in length and a few more rows in width.  It would make a great shower curtain or sliding glass door drape.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Preview 63

Here's a little strippy alternative to the jelly roll race quilt.  Simply sew strips together for the main body.  Then make a quick little 8 Patch for the row of squares.  In our version of the jelly roll racer, you have control over the placement of the strips.

This quilt took just the one pack of 40 2 1/2" strips--in this case Hoffman Bali Brown Sugar.  I picked out 8 "solids", 4 each color, for the rows of squares.  I was totally pleased with the effect of the solid squares.  I can also see choosing fabrics for a 4-Patch checkerboard effect, or some kind of gradation. 

It finishes 46" x 64".  You could make it a tad wider if you max out what is left from the strip sets of Stripes after you cut off the 2 10" pieces for the outside rows. 

Additional fabric is just 1/2 yard for binding, though you could certainly add borders to make it bigger.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Preview 62

Just for fun we play with more of the ever popular chevrons.  The large panels are a chance to show off a great theme fabric, like this fabulous Novella by Valori Wells.

This 60"x 75" throw uses 2 1/2 yd of the Theme,  3/4 yard each of 2 fabrics for the Chevrons, and 1 1/4 yd for the little Sashing and Binding.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Preview 61

I needed a special new 2 1/2" strip pattern for the OH-MI shop hop this March.  PARADISE looks very good on its side, so why not try it.  Basically I turned the blocks and put them back to back, which created a zig-zag effect.  WISTFUL was born. 

Additional fabrics needed are 1 1/2 yd for the Background and 5/8 for Binding.  It finishes 57"x 72".

Pre-cut all of the pieces and then it is sew-n-go for a nice contemporary look.  I wonder how it might look in solids...

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mother-Daughter Weekend with EUREKA

Jenna Cross in Hilliard Ohio made her first quilt last weekend!  Mom Kimberly chose EUREKA for the project--a great pattern for success for 7 year-old Jenna.  They reported having a perfect weekend. 

I am always glad to see how well our patterns work for beginners.  While they don't specifically teach you how to quilt, with a little instruction from a teacher, the designs make up easily. 

Congrats Jenna--isn't this fun!