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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Preview 40

Last one, I think.  I want to use 8 Fat Quarter bundles more, so I geared this quilt for that.  The block is one I have been playing with for months, mostly in a larger 5" size.  For a smaller Fat Quarter bundle, this 3 1/2" x 6 1/2" piece worked out better math-wise.  And for prints that are not super big, this looks better, too. 

The cutting left some remaining strips, so I added a pieced border to use these and add a little zip to the look of the quilt.  With the additional 1 3/8 yd for borders, the quilt finishes 46"x 55".

The cover girl is an Anna Griffin Christmas group.  I loved how the stripe cut up for the center of half of the blocks.  I had people begging for the kits and fabric when they saw it made up. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Preview 39

SNOW RUBY, take 3.  Yet another way to use the block/unit from this quilt.  I wanted to use a little 6 Fat Quarter bundle and make it as scrappy random looking as possible.

As it turns out, with only 6 Fabrics, you can't get too, too random.  But with a little layout plan, I was able to keep some of the same fabric pieces away from each other. Besides with a plan, I don't have to lay it out on the floor--just go and sew.  With only 6 half-strip sets, this little one is a blast to make.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Preview 37

It doesn't get much simpler than this--but with great fabrics, the results are lovely.  Our 1-2-3 Polka is 3  2 1/2" strips sew together with a wider background to create a Rail Fence pattern.  The cover girl is a blendy background to go with the blendy Sangria Bali Pop.   A high contrast or light background should also create a great effect.

The fabric requirements call for 36  2 1/2"Strips and 1 1/2 yd for the Background/Large Rail.  Any Jelly Roll-Bali Pop-Tonga Strips, etc will work.  It finishes 57"x 76".

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Preview 35

So we are not actually previews anymore, since Market has come and gone--but I still want to share the newest releases.

This is my personal favorite.  Partly because I love Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms, and partly because I thought this was so clever.  This pattern/block/unit is the same one as SNOW RUBY.  I was looking at the red in it, and thought--what if this was background and the rest scrappy?  Would the scrappy pieces kind of dance up and down?  And they did!

It uses 12 Fat Quarters and a yard of Background to make a 54"x 70" throw.  There are a few prints pieces left over, but it does use the fabric efficiently. 

For our cover girl, I wanted the white to contrast strongly with the prints and have a fresh, modern look.  I also made up this other model, with Soul Blossoms again, and a blendy apricot batik--it kind of melts in your mouth like sherbet.