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Monday, October 25, 2010

Preview 20

And for the finale for this round, we have ICED TEA.  Inspired by the Ice Tea collection of Hoffman Batik fat quarters, this is a Bright Hopes style block.  5" x 9 1/2"  rectangles sewn around a 5" center, starting with a partial seam.  Oops, did I give it all away?

This block can be made from many favorite fabric cuts--5" strips, Fat Sixths (2 Bloom Bundles of 10  12"x 22"),  40 10" Squares, or 14 Fat Quarters.  That means Layer Cakes, Hoffman Batik bundles,  5" rolls, scraps, and more.  Plus a center and a binding.  20 Blocks makes up 54"x 68".

Then there is the zillion ways it can be shaded, depending on your fabric bundles.  The RoseCard shows 4 ways on the back.  The cover is roughly light and dark on opposite sides.  With every other block rotated on its side, a pinwheel emerges.  If you can get 4 rectangles of each fabric, as with the Tonga Batik 10" squares, 5" strips, or Blooms, this basic frame block can be done.  Finished, it looks just like Red Rose, but it allows you to use those Tonga Squares.

Much fun can be had.  This is another one that I have made in variations for Community Service.  So, go cut those 5"x 9 1/2" for a good cause.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Preview 19

I had this quilt designed and tested in 30's and Batiks and Community Service scraps.  Then along came Red Rose Farm.  Couldn't wait to get the fabric in and make it up.  It was exactly what I had in mind.  As usual the stripe makes a perfect 1st Border.  I was able to use all 16 fabrics in the line.  The blocks took 12 5" strips, then there are the center, 1st Border, 2nd Border and Binding. 

I love the 50's retro look of this fabric by Elizabeth Scott for P&B Textiles.  All of the other fabrics I've tried have been great, too.  I've done it without borders and it makes a nice and quick 41"x 54".  With borders it is 56"x 69".  If you are using scraps, there is no reason not to make 20 blocks.  One 5" strip or one Fat Sixth makes one block--just add a center.  So 2 of our Bloom Packs--10 Fat Sixths--will also make 20 blocks.  This quilt is done with Windham's Feedsack prints. 
Oh, so much to do....

Friday, October 22, 2010

Preview 18

Our old favorite pinwheel made from 10" squares.  Very big, very fast--too much fun.

It uses 2 10" squares from each of 18 fabrics.  The Tonga Batik Squares work because Timeless Treasures puts 2 each of 20 fabrics in the bundles.  Two Bloom Packs of 10  12"x22" or Fat Sixths, work also.  My cover girl here is made from leftovers of some of my favorite fabrics.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Preview 17

Time for a new fabric cut--5" strip bundles.  Windham has them among others.  I love the 5" size, as you may have figured.  The pattern uses 20 5" strips, or 20 Fat Sixths (2 of my Bloom Bundles of 10  12"x22"), or 14 Fat Quarters (Hoffman Batiks bundles, or an 8 bundle and a 6 bundle).  Options galore for fabric, including scraps, which can be whole or half strips.

I like the look of the rectangular Four Patch, and of course, the spacer strips.  I think the spacers are a great way to offer some relief from the busy prints.  And here we are with the Hoffman Jasmine Fat Quarter bundle.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Preview 16

Hoffman's Bali Batik bundles were the inspiration for SARATOGA.  This bundle is their Elderberry.  I wanted to use all of the 14 Fat Quarters in the pack.  They are sorted somewhat light and dark,  6 for the centers and 8 for the rails.  I can see many other options for color and fabric on this one.  A theme down the middle, and smaller prints on the rails.  The centers one color, rails another.  The centers Kaffe Fassett, the rails batiks.  And so it goes. 

With 14 Fat Quarters it makes up a nice 48"x64".  A border would be good, too, for a generous throw size.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Preview 15

Okay, the printing deadline is done.  The latest 6 cards are off at press, and then on their way to Texas for introduction at Quilt Market. 

They won't be available to ship for 2 weeks.  But, because I can't wait to share,  I will preview them one a day here.  Much cutting and packing for Market and Festival, but still squeezing in some time to make additional samples.  Some of these patterns are so versatile for so many types of fabrics that I just can't stop sewing!

WILD THING here you can see is a larger version of ANGEL FACE.  This larger throw size has long been a staple at our shop.  It is so perfect for theme prints and big novelty prints--a perfect "guy quilt" in sports or nature prints or batiks.   I am also itching to do it with my 10 Fat Sixth packs of Kaffe Fassett--the 10 packs will net the 20 10" squares needed.  A collection of Layer Cake or Tonga 10" Batik squares would work, too.

This larger throw size is good with or without a border.  It still only takes one strip set each to make the side frames (remember the extra you had with ANGEL FACE).