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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Preview 34

Another "doubled" pattern--this time PERFECT MOMENT.   I wanted to double this one because it uses a Layer Cake or any bundle of 40  10" Squares or my favorite 20 Fat Sixths (12"x 22").  With the addition of just 2 yards of fabric, it makes a 63"x 79" quilt top.

I like to feature the fabrics from a group.   Our cover model uses Rachel Ashwell's Garden Rose Collection from her Treasures by Shabby Chic.  I chose to use the same snow white background solid for both the Spacers and Row Sashing to keep those lovely prints airy and floating.  The PERFECT MOMENT model has dots for Spacers and diagonal stripe for Row Sashing.

The first quilt I made using this pattern idea was done in Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms.   For this one I used 2 sets of 33 Sample Slices--my exclusive 5"x 9 1/2" cuts of the entire line.  It is one row shorter, because I had 66 instead of 77 Slices, so I cut the Spacers 1 1/2" instead of the 2".  I did not want this quilt to be too square. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Preview 33

SUNSPRITE doubled.  That's all this pattern is.  Still I like to have a write-up with the numbers handy--no thinking, just sewing.

It takes 1/2 yd each of 6 fabrics or 2 identical packs of 6 fat quarters.  From the halves, it is simply one whole strip set each, instead of a half strip set of each.  Same amount of thinking, just a little more sewing. 

Without borders it is 54"x 60".  This is a good size to cover an adult body on a sofa, but you could go bigger yet with borders. 

Our cover girl is Kaufman's La Scala.  We have done it in their Imperial Collection and Artisan Batiks. 

Like SUNSPRITE, at first glance this looks a little complicated to follow the numbers.  But then the light bulb goes on, and you see how easy it really is.  No crazy long strips, no laying it all out.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Preview 38

I am on a campaign to promote 3 1/2" strips.  They show off so much more of the prints than 2 1/2", and the projects go so much more quickly.

This simple jewel of a quilt is made with 30 3 1/2" strips.  It can also be cut from 20  Fat Sixths (12"x 22") or  15 Fat Quarters.  With the Fat Quarters, you would probably have enough left over to do a pieced binding or add a pieced border.

For my model, I liked pairing up 2 similar colors, so it looks like a shaded square.  I also made it in our Asian strips.  I have seen it in totally scrappy, too, and it just sparkled.

The patchwork finishes 54"x 60" for a throw.  And you can also just keep going with more patchwork or borders.

Preview 36

That song will keep playing in my head.  It's a good thing I love this pattern.

It uses exactly one set of 40  2 1/2" strips.  Mine here is Tonga Treats Gelato, but any Bali Pop, Jelly Roll, or other Roll-ups will do.  Then, to make it a better throw size, it uses an additional 1 yard for a 4 1/2" Border and finishes 56"x 72".  Similar to Cathedral, it sews faster, since the blocks are a bit longer, and there are just 40 instead of 60.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Preview 32

Eight fat quarters are used in this throw that you will make again and again for gifts and community service.  It finishes a nice 56"x 70".  A natural in patriotic fabrics and colors, it is also fun in theme prints, florals, flannels and moderns.

Additional fabric needed:  1 1/4 yd Background, 1 yd Border, 5/8 yd Binding.

Preview 31

Here they come.  I leave for Quilt Market in a week, so it is the usual crazies getting these off to press.

This first one is a little thing that happened when I was making do with some donated fabric for Community Service quilts.  I had just enough to cut 3  4 1/2" strips of one fabric,  3  5 1/2" strips of another, and  3  6 1/2" strips of another.  Three quick strip sets later, I had blocks to flip up and down for a fun little kid's quilt.

I wrote this pattern to use a 3 One-Yard bundle.  So with just one yard each of 3 fabrics, you have a 47"x 56" quilt top and binding.

And I have been having fun with this block ever since.  There are 2 more variations in this season's releases.  And more to come, I am sure.