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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pattern Partners with Windham

We are now partnered up with Windham Fabrics to show off patterns made up in their fabrics.  First are from our friend Lily-Gonzales Creed.  She has two collections due out in April--Farm to Fork and Ninjas Don't Sweat.  Check out her great graphics and colors.  Who would have thought bacon and eggs could be so cute!

We have done these 2 special cards for the lines, and also made up another model in Farm to Fork.  CLOUD NINE uses all twelve prints with an off-white solid background.  Jessica has made a TABITHA JANE tote from Ninjas Don't Sweat.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Day 8, Quilt 9

I was just putting away a box of brown fabric in Jessica's Friends of Annie stash, when 2 fabrics just jumped together.   There happened to be 16 1/2" of one, 19 1/2" of another, and when I found another piece to make a third, I had enough to do a little SNOW RUBY.  An hour or so later, a top was done and two pieces of fabric used up.  This quilt was designed when I had just certain amounts of 3 fabrics from the charity stash, and I highly recommend it for community service projects. 

SNOW RUBY changes looks when the lights and darks are mixed around.  CLOUD NINE is the same block, with the light in a different position.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Day 7, Quilts 6, 7 and 8

There was a Quilt 5 in between.  It just needs the border--running out of fabric is my excuse.  It is also a not published pattern yet, but coming soon. 

Here are 6, 7 and  8.  Two will be new patterns.  The third is LESLIE in a new fabric line by a designer you all know.  And that is as much as I will say about these 3 for now.  Stay tuned.

What I can tell more about is the new DUET.  I had so much fun designing and making this pattern.  I have made 3 now, and have plans for more fabric combos.  My original here is pairs of Kaffe Collectives and batiks.  The pattern is designed for jelly rolls.  I cut mine from fat quarters and fat sixths.  Can't decide which I had more fun doing--choosing the pairs or the actual sewing.  It just so slick the way it sews together.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day 1, Quilt 4

I am officially done in.  But when Quilt 4 pieced more quickly than I thought, it had to be finished before bed. 

STARFIRE here is made from the 6 corals from Monaluna's Raaga line.  With this low contrast group all the same color, I thought it might make a good background to the eggshell solid stars.

Day 1, Quilt 3

This LESLIE is one I started the other day from Jessica's Friends of Annie donation fabric.  There is nothing I love more than making something work from a finite bunch of fabric.  A pieced border from 3 prints was a way to use up pieces that looked good, and it adds to the whimsy feel of the quilt fabrics.

Day 1, Quilt 2

Much on the same vein as the SPICE DROP, I did the GOLD MEDAL quilt here.  It is from just one colorway of Dowry--the Charm Bracelet.  It feels much less busy, with just one print each, and the gold squares to "calm" it down a bit.  Fast and fun as always, and I like it because it keeps all of the prints right side up--almost all of them are directional in this group.  The kit is listed.

Kitty approved--laid it down on the bed while I wrote.  Little mister came out of another room and found it--his young cat radar is working.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Happy New Projects, Happy New Fabric!  And while we are at it--let's use up some of the old.  Time to see the fabric bundles and scraps turned into quilts and accessories--gifts and charity and some keepers, too.  New fabric is around the corner--I am working with some we just got in today, as a matter of fact.

So here we go in 2014 with RoseCard Patterns...


SPICE DROP in Dowry by Anna Maria Horner.  It takes 14 fat quarters, so I have chosen the Charm Bracelet and Brass Locket colorways--lots of warm golds and corals with the turquoises.  Kit is listed on the website.