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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Got a New Group?...Get Out the RoseCards

I just got in the new Gallery Fiori by Karen Tusinski/Lilla Rogers Studio for P&B Textiles.  Fabulous painting-style prints in a great mix of colors.  At first glance there were 3 distinct colorways.  Once Grandma Pam and I started playing with them, though, we found that these fabrics cross color lines. 

So I picked a few RoseCard pattern candidates, and set color queen Pam to work picking groups.  Here is what we are thinking about making up into bundles and/or models....

I need to replace my popular model made from Laura Gunn's Poppy--this will do nicely.

A very popular kit, OPENING NIGHT always goes well.  The main print here will look fine sideways for the top and bottom borders.  This also makes a good sized throw at very reasonable price, since we use fabric so efficiently.

This lovely and subtle coloring will be nice in a more tailored design like our SUNSPRITE.  I think I would double up--use 2 6 Fat Quarter packs.  It makes 12 blocks, finishing 54"x60".  Great in a contemporary setting.

This group of 6 was just because it is colorful.  Isn't this fun to play with a new line this way.  Now to get to work.....

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