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Thursday, July 21, 2011


For many years now we have been working with 3 1/2" strips of Asian fabrics, all with the gold highlights.  The pattern we have used most was called Madame Butterfly, later renamed by us as What Four, later published on a RoseCard as CHARITY.  I called it What Four because it is constructed using strip sets of four, made into a 4x4 sixteen patch--but you really can't see the 4 Patch in it.  This pattern uses 28 strips to make a throw size.

We've have always strip packs of 28  3 1/2" for the What Four.  And as luck would have it--GRANADA used 28  3 1/2" strips, too.  I was almost shocked how nifty the math worked.  For What Four or CHARITY we used all multi-colored prints--roughly divided 14 light-ish, 12 dark-ish.  For GRANADA, 6 strips are usually a single, tone on tone Asian print.  The remaining 22 are multicolored.  The solid strips are the centers, and it is always fun to pair them with the prints.

GRANADA gave new life to my Asian strips.  I was selling the packs before the quilt was bordered and before the pattern was published.

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