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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Watercolor Bali's

Finishing up some of the quilts from Hoffman's 1895 Watercolor Pre-cuts.  So we have a little show and tell here.

First is THE LADY that Dorothy made up in Breakers.  We used a soft Bali print for the background and got a nice ocean wave look here.

The pretty pinks and purples look like they are made for a little girl.  So I made up BLUEBERRY HILL without a border.

Then there was the Taffy Bali Crackers 10" squares.  I made the triangles for TOWER BRIDGE, thinking it would make a nice grassy garden.  It was a little too boring, so punted--and scored.  I took a pack of Kool-Aid Bali Snaps 5" squares.  I added them to the corners of the dark side of the blocks, magic corners as we call them, stitching on the diagonal.  And now I have a garden in bloom--and a new pattern to come!

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