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Thursday, June 23, 2011

FREEDOM Scramble

This quilt is made from one of the kits I made from our Community Service stash.  When I make these kits, the goal is usually to pick colors that go together.  It is always a pleasant surprise when the prints work well together, too.

The main thing I like about this version is that the quiltmaker scrambled the 4-patches more than I usually do.  My plan is to make 4-Patches out of 2 fabrics.  However, with only 6 fabrics and 6 blocks,  it happens that colors or lights and darks may clump up in the layout phase.  This quilt has 4 fabrics in each 4-Patch, which gives a scrambled, but more balanced look to the layout.

Variations are such an amazing part of quiltmaking--even something as simple as this pattern.

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