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Monday, August 30, 2010

Poppy Freedom

It's quilted and bound.  This aqua colorway of the Poppy Collection by Laura Gunn.  There are 8 pieces in this collection, so the fat quarter bundle worked out perfectly.  6 Fat Quarters are used for the quilt top.  The last 2 Fat Quarters were the 2 colors of the Peking Dot--great for piecing the binding.  So if you have 8 Fat Quarter bundles, you have a complete kit for this pattern!

When I was choosing the pairs for this quilt, I did not follow my usual plan of dividing the 6 fabrics into 2 sets of three.  Instead, I just paired up any way I pleased.  With only 6 fabrics total, it is very hard to keep like fabrics out of the same row.  So I think I will go back to the 3 set plan.  Each set of 3 can be scrambled exactly 3 ways.  And the blocks made from each of the 2 sets can be alternated, so like fabrics don't end up in a row.  Make sense?--probably not till you do it. 

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