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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Preview 44

A fun little set of spinners to span a great theme print.  It takes just 6 Fat Quarters--4 for the Spinners and 2 for Backgrounds.   One yard of the theme is largely left whole to show off the print.  There is enough left from the Spinner fat quarters to make the pieced squares borders.

For this quilt I liked the 2 odd sizes of Theme strips--they are cut 8" and 23".  It gave a more playful feel and gave me more whole elephants.  I couldn't fit the notes on the pattern, but if you like symmetry better, you could cut 2 15" strips instead.  It also looks good with 4 strips cut 8".  In that case, you would have Theme strips top and bottom of the quilt, as well as in between the pieced rows.  It all might depend on the size of your Theme.

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