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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rocky and Bullwinkle ANGEL FACE

Not just a pretty face, our ANGEL FACE can feature more than one fabric.  Rocky and Bullwinkle here are the perfect 3 to be featured here.  The pattern has 12 blocks, and one 10" strip from a third yard of fabric will yield 4 squares.  3 fabrics times 4 squares equals 12 blocks--I love it when the math works out to our advantage.

So the changes in ANGEL FACE to make this a great kid size or even big kid throw 48"x 60":
1/3 yd each of 3 Theme Fabrics
2/3 yd each of 2 Frame Fabrics
1 yd Border, cut 5 1/2"
1/2 yd Binding
....Less than 4 yards of fabric--nifty and thrifty.

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