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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tower Tonga

The new Tonga Treats squares came.  Four different delicious color combos.  Each pack has 40 10" squares, 2 of each fabric.  To make one quickly, because they are all so gorgeous,  I started with a RoseCard already published--Tower Bridge.  The Coffee Cake divided up nicely into lights and darks.  Four of the squares are not needed from the pack of 40, and there were 2 that were quite different in color--any easy elimination before any cutting or sewing.  If all 40 were perfect for the pattern, I would go ahead and make all 40 blocks, and elimate 4 different ones during the layout process.  So here is the top--all in a night's work.
A richly elegant group of color and pattern--go Tonga, thank you Timeless Treasures.

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